Presentation:   International collaboration on universal environmental health practitioner competencies and agency performance standards


Speakers:        Tony Lewis, Pg Dip, BSc, MCIEH, CEHP; Dr Patrick O Bohan, MSEH, MS, PhD, RS,

DAAS,CAPT, USPHS (Ret); Dr. Sarah Kotchian, EdM, MPH, PhD


Should environmental health practitioners and agencies have a core set of capabilities that would be viable anywhere in the world?  What are the benefits and challenges of this undertaking?  Come join the collaboration with colleagues from the U.S., U.K., and other countries as they consider this vision of universal EH practitioner and agency standards.



This session highlights ways in which practitioners, academicians, and researchers across the world are collaborating to align curricula and standards to support excellence in environmental health practice.  Speakers will address current UK, US, and Canadian collaboration on frameworks for the development of core environmental public health skills and competencies and implications for curricula, as well as the potential of the new US national Environmental Public Health Performance Standards and the UK Public Health Skills and Career Framework for improving the performance of environmental health practitioners and agencies worldwide. 


Learning Objectives:


1.       Identify at least three of the core competencies in the recommended international competency-based curriculum

2.       Compare and contrast the US and UK approaches to improving environmental health practitioner and agency performance and accountability

3.       Identify at least two ways to become involved in further development and implementation of international curricula and standards.