Presentation: Leaving the Jungle Behind - Transforming our Food Safety System

Speaker: Joseph Reardon



Food safety more than ever has become a national priority.  President Obamas vision of a new food safety system to protect the American public is evident in recent funding and initiatives to set standards for safety, capacity, and technology in food safety.   The FDA, through a number of national initiatives, is moving forward to improve data collection and risk analysis and begin to establish an integrated food safety system with strengthened inspection and response capacity. This is the first step in our transformation, bringing our current food safety system out of the past, and supporting a national system that is ready to actively prevent foodborne illness.

Joseph Reardon, Director, Division of Federal-State Relations, US Food and Drug Administration


Learning Objectives


At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

Understand the FDAs vision toward creating a national integrated food safety system.