Presentation:   Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service Division of Environmental Health Services Environmental Blood Lead Investigation Procedure


Speaker:          Bob Bates, MS, RS; Mike Lewis, RS


What would Environmental Health Services do if an elevated blood lead level in a child was identified at a Tribal Head Start or private home? Albuquerque Area IHS DEHS developed a proactive team approach that has encompassed clinical, PHN and EH response.



In 2008, the IHS National Head Start Program promoted a nation-wide agenda of ensuring blood lead level records for Medicare/Medicaid children in tribal /IHS Head Starts were maintained. In response to this, Albuquerque Area IHS DEHS developed a proactive procedure to provide for environmental investigation of lead sources and risk assessment in Tribal homes and/or Head Starts, in the event that elevated levels were detected in children. This procedure ensures that when a child with an elevated blood lead level is identified a team of professionals (clinical, PHN and Environmental Health) will respond in a coordinated effort to address the situation. For Environmental Health, an investigative tool was developed to identify possible lead source(s), sampling procedures, risk assessment and follow-up to ensure that lead sources have been removed or remediated.  


Learning Objectives:

Case management approach, including Environmental Health involvement, to Environmental Blood Lead Level investigations.