Presentation:   Sustainability Leadership in the World of Environmental Health

Speaker:          Dr Mary A Ferdig, PhD



The world cries out for conscious stewardship of natural, human and economic resources as we advance the goal of providing a healthful environment for all! Join in a lively multi-media exploration of holistic sustainability thinking and action. Discover an expanded orientation of leadership – one that leads to meaningful innovation and action in an increasingly complex world. Examine a holistic framework for analyzing issues and measuring progress. Roll up your sleeves and join us in becoming sustainability leaders!


The Shift Our World Needs

What does sustainability leadership mean for those who are engaged in the work of advancing the environmental health and protection for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all ( How does sustainability thinking contribute to the education and motivational intentions leading to healthful environmental goals outlined by the National Environmental Health Association?

This presentation offers a forum for lively exchange of new thinking and new applications for a new kind of leadership in Environmental Health. YOU bring your own motivation for expanding your thinking about leading with others, and sustaining that which you care about. Then, you will apply that motivation to exploring a definition of holistic sustainability representing the environmental, social and economic health of our communities and world.  As importantly, you will discover how to apply a model of relational leadership principles and practices needed to work optimally with others in addressing the complex challenges of sustainability. Lastly, you will examine a framework for analyzing issues and measuring progress within five key domains of sustainability activity.

The earth’s life-giving natural resources and services are dwindling as society’s appetite for consumption increases exponentially. We in North America, about 5% of the earth's population, consume an estimated 40% of the earth's resources. Other countries are steadily moving toward the North American “standard” of living and consumption. Clearly, such consumption among the people of the earth is unsustainable. We are called to challenge our habits of thinking and being, as we invite others to follow our lead.

Sustainability leaders are striving to make a difference. They commit themselves to making conscious choices that serve the common interest and well-being of all, knowing that doing so also serves their own interests, that of their families, friends, communities, as well as the populations they serve through their work. This shift in perspective opens up a new energy for the collective work needed to sustain people, organizations, communities, and life on the planet.

The Sustainability Leadership Institute engages leaders in systematically creating workable solutions for complex challenges in their businesses, organizations and communities. Our goal is to work side-by-side with people who are passionate about living and leading the way toward a sustainable future!


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this Lecture Hall presentation, attendees will be able (to walk away with):


1.       An enriched understanding of sustainability on multiple levels related to the goal of environmental health for all.


2.       An expanded orientation of leadership, and related practices, critical for a sustaining healthy life in our communities -- locally, regionally and globally.


3.       Innovative yet workable ideas of “sustainability practices in action” as shared by session participants in a lively exchange of experiences and possibilities!