OWS1101: OSW - Welcome / Keynote Address / An Update on EPAs Decentralized Wastewater Program

Speaker: Gerald Iwan / Ben Shuman / Joyce Hudson

Email: Gerald.Iwan@mail.wvu.edu / ben.shuman@wdc.usda.gov / hudson.joyce@epa.gov


Keynote Address Ben Shuman

Rural Development assists those constructing or operating decentralized wastewater treatment systems. The Agency provides financial assistance through a number of programs that can help technical assistance providers, individuals, and communities. Applicable USDA programs will be discussed.




An Update on EPA's Decentralized Wastewater Program Joyce Hudson

Hear the latest news from the Environmental Protection Agency at the national and regional levels during this session of the Onsite Wastewater Summit.


The Decentralized Wastewater Team has been busy with a variety of efforts, from following up on a pledge made during last year's NEHA/SORA conference to host a webpage of product approval requirements in each state, to educating the general public through a marketing initiative, to facilitating a position paper on decentralized systems with its MOU partners, to providing training for tribal leaders, to implementing the President's executive order on reducing nutrient loading to the Chesapeake Bay, to working with state and local government to secure federal loans to repair and replace malfunctioning onsite systems.


There will also be a ceremony recognizing two state onsite programs for exemplary work in improving management practices. Be there to find out which states are being recognized and to support our state and local program leaders.