SUS1102:        Measurable Economic Return and Private Sector Support: Breakthroughs in Sustainability Initiatives by the City of Fort Collins , Colorado

Speakers:         Tom Gonzales and Mike Freeman


"Sustainability" initiatives can sometimes take a back seat to other priorities of government, especially when times are tight such as in this economy. Often viewed as tough to measure, and politically sensitive, the pursuit of environmental sustainability as an objective can be seen as non-essential and even expendable when budget cuts are concerned. Not in the City of Fort Collins, Colorado - even when faced with serious, long-term fiscal difficulties, including deep budget cuts, the City continues to support and even grow their sustainability-focused programs. How are they doing this?


Learn how the City of Fort Collins' environmental sustainability initiatives have garnered private sector support by generating quantitative and measureable financial returns to businesses. The stories from this community are inspiring, and best of all practical and repeatable in your community.