OWS1205:       OWTS Inspections


Speaker:          James L. Anderson, PhD


During this session, you will learn about the various types of inspections including site and soils, building permit, construction, and property transfer/real estate. The basics of regulatory inspections and what inspection functions should be performed when a real estate transfer is being negotiated will also be covered in this session.


There are a number of different situations where an onsite system needs to be inspected. The ones most often thought of are the compliance inspection that occurs during installation and real estate transfer inspections. The other two are an inspection before system maintenance and when the system has a problem, so there is a troubleshooting inspection.


While there is overlap in procedures for each of these inspection types it is important to recognize the differences and the reasons for those differences. This session will focus on the kinds of inspections, the goals of each, and the similarities and differences in approach.