WFD1201:†††††† Cross Community Collaborations for Environmental Health


Speaker:††††††††† Michael Green, MS, MPP


Canít we all get along - for the sake of our health! Environmental health problems cross boundaries of race, gender, class, geography, and more, but the diverse stakeholders involved in addressing these problems often find it challenging to collaborate in creating healthier communities. Attend this session and hear from Michael Green, Center for Environmental Health, as he discusses real-world examples of successful collaborations among environmental justice groups, labor unions, government agencies, business leaders, and others seeking solutions to community environmental health problems.



Environmental health problems typically cross boundaries of race, gender, class, and geography, especially problems that impact those who are disproportionately at risk from harmful chemical exposures.


Developing successful collaborations among the diverse stakeholders seeking to resolve such problems is a major challenge for environmental health professionals. †The Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health (CEH) has successfully facilitated collaborations among environmental justice community-based groups, government agencies, non-profits, labor unions, and business leaders to eliminate health threats and create more sustainable communities.


In this session CEH Executive Director Michael Green will discuss with participants the strategies for facilitating successful collaborations across diverse communities, the methods for developing successful relationships, and practices that professionals can use in their work with diverse constituencies.