SUS1301:†††††††††††† Meet the 2013 NEHA Excellence in Sustainability Award Winner - Sustainability Incorporated into the Solids Handling Improvements of the Douglas L. Smith Middle Basin Treatment Plant

Speaker:††††††††††††† James Joerke

NEHA's Excellence in Sustainability Award recognizes any organization, business, association, individual, or NEHA member who is solving environmental challenges by using innovative and environmentally sustainable practices. The 6th Annual NEHA Excellence in Sustainability Award Winner will be announced at the NEHA 2013 AEC! Attend this session to see how the winnerís project made environmental improvements, not only at their location, but allowed for integration of sustainable systems that also impact air quality, food establishments, solid waste management, wastewater treatment, water quality, and energy efficiency. The NEHA Excellence in Sustainability Award is sponsored by UL.