The Avian Flu Threat and its Implications for Environmental Health



Speaker:                     Nelson E. Fabian, MS

Executive Director, NEHA



Level of Knowledge:  Multi-Level



Preparing for the possibility of a pandemic flu represents a new experience for many professionals in environmental health. Many of our people appreciate what is involved in emergency preparedness. However, the challenge of a pandemic flu, which is likely to hit every community in the nation, cause unprecedented numbers of fatalities, disrupt societal order in ways we have never seen, quickly takes us into an entirely different planning realm. What will be expected of us as public health professionals become one of the front lines that separates managing a crisis from becoming widespread social disorder?


This presentation will focus on the scope of the challenge and will report on what environmental health professionals are currently doing as their roles are starting to take on some definition. It will also explore what we should be doing and what our roles should encompass.


Learning Objectives:


  1. Better understand and define the scope of the challenge
  2. Better understand what the role of an environmental health professional should encompass
  3. Better understand what they need to know in order to perform their roles