Avian Influenza: A Case Study at the Interface of Environmental Health,

Agriculture, and Public Health Medicine



Speaker:                     John Herbold, DVM, MPH, PhD, DACVPM, FACE

Associate Director, Center for Biosecurity and Public Health Preparedness

UT–School of Public Health, University of Texas Health Science Center



Level of Knowledge:  Multi-Level




Media attention and global health organizations attention to the risk of avian influenza infecting humans has highlighted the need for coordination and interaction between multiple agencies.


The science of avian influenza and current issues regarding planning for a worldwide epidemic will be discussed.


Learning Objectives:


  1. Outline the basic biology of influenza A in the animal kingdom
  2. Differentiate between enzootic avian influenza and seasonal human influenza A
  3. Identify the roles of environmental health, agriculture, and public health medicine in planning for, and responding to, pandemic influenza A