Solving our Supply Chain Food Safety Dilemma:  the Global Food Safety Initiative

Dr. Donna Garren


Recent foodborne illness outbreaks exemplify the cost of food safety breakdowns at all levels of the supply chain. When regulators, operators, distributors, suppliers and other food safety constituents work together, they prevent future incidents and improve the financial stakes for everyone. Find out what our key stakeholders in this important global process believe are the first steps to improve food safety at all levels of the supply chain. Discover how a state-federal regulatory system can address the global market.  The GFSI Mission is continuous improvement in food safety management systems to ensure confidence in the delivery of safe food to consumers.  The GFSI Objectives are to provide:


1.      Convergence between food safety standards through maintaining a benchmarking process for food safety management schemes.


2.      Improve cost efficiency throughout the food supply chain through the common acceptance of GFSI recognized standards by retailers around the world.


3.      Provide a unique international stakeholder platform for networking, knowledge exchange and sharing of best food safety practices and information.