Rising Waters and Rising Concerns-Food Safety amidst the 2008 Floods

Jenna Link, BS LEHP


Follow the Henderson County Health Department and Mercer County Health Department as they initiated policies and procedures for temporary food service operations associated with emergency response efforts during a catastrophic flood.  Review the time and temperature control measures put into place to minimize risk of foodborne disease in responders.  Discover the mechanisms established to track and control food donations from the community wanting to assist in the response.  Efforts associated with evacuation of food service establishments and then restoration once flood waters receded will also be discussed. 


The Environmental Health Division for each local health department played a vital role in the identification and mitigation of potential health risks associated with the flood waters, from contaminated drinking water to mold to West Nile Virus.  Gain an understanding of the various components to an emergency operations plan, how to interact within the Incident Command Structure, and what legal authority needs to be established prior to a flooding event for prompt recovery.