Establishing Asian Retail Food Relationships with a Chinese Liaison



Speaker:                                 Li Hwang, RS

Chinese Liaison

Maricopa County Environmental Services Department



Level of Knowledge: Basic



Asian Americans are the fastest growing minority group in the U.S. There are now close to 36,000 Chinese restaurants in the U.S. according to Chinese Restaurant News, a trade publication. The people of Asia value hard work, patience, humility, friendliness, and respect for others. However, a lack of English language skills is a major problem facing recent Asian immigrants. For this reason, their ability to adapt to the new culture, to obtain the necessary knowledge, and to learn from inspectors who are trying so hard to help them understand the public health issues, is compromised.  They become fearful, and often misunderstand the intentions of the public health officials, and may, therefore, exhibit a hostile attitude and resentful feelings. Establishing culturally sensitive relationships with people in the Asian retail food industry could help to improve this situation and create a win-win environment for both the Asian food retailers and the public health officials.  Methods to bridge this gap will be discussed.


Learning Objectives:


  1. Dispel the fear of communicating with Asian retailers
  2. Create a win-win situation for regulators and the food industry
  3. Build a successful and culturally sensitive relationship with Asian food retailers