Bridging the Gap - Agency, Industry, and the Public


Speaker:          Mr. Jeff Lang, MS


Bridging the Gap - Agency, Industry and the Public is a message about our responsibility, as public agency representatives, to serve the industry that, in turn, serves the public.  Public agency employees must always have the public’s interest at heart and regulations are put in place to protect the public.  However, the agency also has a responsibility to the stake holders who pay for our services.  This presentation explores what those responsibilities are and more importantly, what, ultimately is the most effective way to provide service to both the public and the industry in a way that is sustainable and offers benefits to all. 


Bridging the Gap takes a close look at the inherent characteristics of both the private sector and the public regulatory agency.  Whereas the private sector is more fragile yet self reliant, it must survive by serving the public and do so within the limits set by government regulations.  Government agencies, on the other hand, exist at the expense of businesses and/or tax payers, are very durable and have a dissimilar type of accountability.  This talk explores aspects of building healthy relationships between business and agency that will be long lasting and ultimately benefit the public.  Whereas, the Environmental Health agency can act as a partner with business, the business, in turn, can come to realize additional resource at no additional cost.   How does Environmental Health serve the industry? Through our expertise on regulations and familiarity with other businesses in the field, we can help find solutions to their concerns.  Environmental Health needs to be the “go to” partner for advice and consultation.  The discussion explores how effective use of the media can in some cases, protect businesses and at the same time educate the public regarding food borne illness.  Education is the key to meeting the media’s needs.  We will discuss the importance of protecting industry reputations from scandal, innuendo and half truths. 


Bridging the Gap discusses the responsibility business has toward the Environmental Health agency that is trying to be a resource for business.  We will explore ways to educate Environmental Health personnel on various aspects of the private sector through industry field trips, other public agencies, holding effective staff meetings and more.