Healthy Homes: The Essentials, the Players, and the Potential



Speaker:                     Tom Neltner, JD, CHMM

Director of Training and Education

National Center for Healthy Housing



Level of Knowledge: Basic



Asbestos, carbon monoxide, lead-based paint, pests, radon, and mold—you now that there is a connection between housing and health. Too often, as environmental health specialists, we find ourselves struggling to respond to specific problems, especially indoor air quality problems, without an overall strategy that brings together both health and housing science into an integrated system that protects the public in an efficient manner. The healthy homes movement provides that strategy. This session will help you understand the healthy homes movement and what you can do to bring it to your community.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify health impacts that stem from housing problems
  2. Describe how a healthy homes approach provides an integrated approach to resolving housing problems
  3. Implement a healthy homes approach in your community