The Black And White on Grey Water

Joelle Wirth, RS


This presentation identifies the different types of greywater systems available-gravity or pressurized, and the approaches to consider if it is a retrofitted home or new construction. The presenter is a regulator with Coconino County and is directly involved in the permitting process in Arizona.   Systems evaluated are from Coconino County, including her own greywater system at home.  In the state of Arizona, the reuse of grey water is allowed without obtaining a permit.  The first result of this deregulation was that our wastewater regulations (ADEQ) did not consider other governing parties such as the Building Departments.  It soon became apparent that the permit free greywater system really was not permit free.  Homeowners who wished to consider grey water reuse really did not know how to construct them.  This presentation will focus on the need for an educational component on Grey Water. The use of Grey Water goes beyond just the planning. Information on an operating greywater system will be evaluated with successes and failures shared with the group.