Drip Systems – Then & Now. Experiences of the Techology’s Pioneer

Brian Britain


When it first came onto the scene approximately 21 years ago, drip irrigation was mostly regarded as a last resort for wastewater disposal when traditional septic and sewer options were not possible. Today, drip irrigation for wastewater disposal is increasingly the technology of choice – not a last resort – for schools, commercial and residential developments, and municipalities seeking a more environmentally responsible wastewater reclamation strategy. In the beginning, there was much to learn about proper implementation of this new technology. Sadly, that is still true today for most of the industry. Today there are as many opinions of how to size, site, design, construct, and select products as there are vendors to provide these products. Waste Water Systems, Inc. of Georgia pioneered and developed drip technology for wastewater dispersal and has experienced the technology’s up’s and down’s firsthand throughout its history and has made significant modifications to its business plan related to the future promotion, development and implementation of the technology. This discussion will be aimed at providing a sincere open discussion about our experiences, observations, reactions and responses to the challenging and ever changing wastewater drip technology environment.