Decentralized Wastewater Treatment in Texas Watersheds



Speaker:                     Bruce J. Lesikar, MS, PhD, PE

Professor, Assoc Dept Head, and Extension Agricultural Engineer

Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas A & M University




Level of Knowledge: Multi-Level



This presentation will discuss the implementation of watershed management programs in Texas to reduce potential for non-point source pollution due to residential wastewater. The current status of decentralized wastewater treatment in Texas will be discussed, along with how the need for decentralized wastewater infrastructure is being addressed.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how wastewater treatment infrastructure is currently managed in Texas watersheds
  2. Identify the components necessary to manage onsite wastewater treatment infrastructure for water quality protection
  3. Summarize how operation, maintenance, and monitoring of onsite wastewater treatment systems is being implemented in Texas