Pool and Spa Water Chemistry: What Inspectors Need to Know


Speaker:                     Stanley R. Pickens, PhD

Senior Research Associate, PPG Industries, Inc.


Level of Knowledge:  Multi Level


Short Abstract:


The efficacy of chlorine as a sanitizer is impacted by pH. The pH stability is in turn impacted by alkalinity. This session, a companion to the previous lecture on chlorine in water treatment, will focus on the impact of such secondary variables as pH, alkalinity, and hardness, the relationships between them, and the natural phenomena that limit the practical ranges for these parameters.


Learning Objectives:


At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. name key water parameters that impact the efficacy of chlorine and how these variable interrelate
  2. understand how pH, alkalinity, water hardness, etc., can influence the corrosiveness of water
  3. understand how the relationships between alkalinity, hardness, and pH limit the available ranges of variation for each