Chlorine Chemistry: What Inspectors Need to Know


Speaker:                     Stanley R. Pickens, PhD

Senior Research Associate, PPG Industries, Inc.


Level of Knowledge:  Basic


Short Abstract:


Basic disinfection principles of pool/spa water chemistry will be discussed. Review of the six chlorine sanitizers presently being marketed will be presented. Stress is placed on the current status of chlorine levels and fouled pools. In depth comparison of bromine versus chlorine sanitation systems will be discussed. Special topics, such as ORP and "alternative sanitizers" will also be covered.


Learning Objectives:


At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. appreciate the key principles of chlorine and bromine disinfection, and the levels needed for healthy pools
  2. acknowledge the functions of "alternative sanitizers" in pool disinfection
  3. understand the role of ORP versus wet chemistry in the determination of sanitizer levels