Hernando County School District: NEHA's 2009 Excellence in Sustainability Award Winner

Speaker:Sean Arnold


The Hernando County School District is determined to reduce their carbon footprint on the earth. They have a comprehensive program that incorporates a multi facet approach that will positively impact the environment. Hernando Schools are seeing immediate results and expect to see a long-term positive outcome.


Hernando County School Districtís sustainability program was self-initiated. They were in need of cutting costs and improving overall operations. More importantly, they felt if changes were to be made than things needed to be done correctly. It was an important issue for the district to lessen the negative impact on the environment. The Hernando County area is known as Floridaís Nature Coast. Hernando County School District wants to make sure they do their part in keeping this area known as the Nature Coast.


Hernando County Schoolís program will positively impact the environment by saving thousands of kilowatts of energy, millions of gallons of water, diverting hundreds of tons of materials from the landfill, saving hundreds of trees, using less oil, using environmentally friendly chemicals and saving thousands of dollars year after year.


The future is bright and sustainable for the Hernando County School District. The sustainability program is a pathfinder for innovation and positive change for other districts to follow. The maintenance and custodial departments are the benchmark for the future of educational support departments in the State of Florida and beyond.