NEHA’s Excellence in Sustainability Program

Thomas R. Gonzales, MPH, REHS, Resource Protection Programs Manager, Clark County Public Health, WA


NEHA believes that protecting our natural environment is critical to the health and prosperity of our communities and country. The mission of NEHA’s sustainability program is to promote partnerships to reduce green house gas emissions, and the use of reusable products through interdisciplinary environmental sustainability in the context of educational services to the wider NEHA community. NEHA will meet this commitment through fostering community involvement and leadership in education, research and sustainable management practices. Attendees will learn about the following program accomplishments over the past year:


§         Sustainability Library Resources Web page;

§         Selection of the 2008 NEHA Excellence in Sustainability Award;

§         NEHA’s Operational and Personnel “Green” Practices (recycling, JEH, communication, banking, and “greening” of the AEC); and

§         NEHA’s position paper on global climate change.