The Use of Chemicals as Weapons: Myths and Realities


Speaker:                     Erik R Janus, M.S.

Toxicologist, Michigan Dep't of Community Health


Level of Knowledge:  Multi-Level


Short Abstract:


Much information is available in the public sphere regarding the use of chemicals as weapons, including military warfare agents.  Through the use of prior examples and existing epidemiologic data, this presentation will explore some of the misunderstood or little understood aspects of "chemical terrorism."  Topics covered include the use of chemicals in an open-air deployment, accident epidemiology of transportation and fixed facility releases of hazardous materials, and chemical contamination of water and water systems.


Learning Objectives:


  1. Discuss the origins of "myths" and misinformation
  2. Take a realistic look at the use of chemicals as weapons
  3. Learn details of past releases of hazardous materials and discuss the factors that increase/decrease potential for mass effect