Industry-Foodborne Illness Investigation Training & Recall Response (IFIIT)


Host City of Plano, TX Recorded January 2015


This training is specifically for managers and owners of restaurants, grocery stores and other retail food businesses. 

Foodborne illnesses sicken millions of people every year in the U.S., and cost businesses an estimated $6 billion annually. The best way for a retail food operator to minimize their risk is to have a plan, and know where to find help in the event of a foodborne illness outbreak or food-product recall.  Industry-Foodborne Illness Investigation Training and Recall Response (I-FIIT-RR) is designed to assist the retail food industry in producing a more rapid, efficient, and effective response to food recalls and foodborne illness incidents.  This free workshop can help a business of any size -- from mom-and-pop restaurants to workplace cafeterias -- develop best practices to prevent foodborne illness, benefit from strong relationships with regulatory partners, and create response plans in the event of illness outbreaks, customer or product complaints, and food recalls.


Topics include: