Changing the Resolution of Your Screen for Enlarged Viewing


The video files that are streamed to you are of a fixed size.  If you have a high resolution computer screen the image can appear small causing difficulty in reading small print on some of the slides.  To remedy this, you can decrease the screen resolution which will cause the fixed video image to be a larger percentage of your viewing area. 


Changing the resolution of your computer is very easy and causes no harm to your computer.  It is best to do this BEFORE you begin viewing the program.  After you have finished viewing the program you can easily return your screen resolution to its original settings by repeating the process described below:


To change screen resolution:

  1. Navigate to your computers Desktop
  2. Right click on a vacant space on the desktop area.
  3. Select Properties on the menu that appears
  4. Select the Settings Tab
  5. Move the screen resolution slider to the left (use either 1024 x 768 or 800 by 600)
  6. Select OK, (if you are asked if you want to retain these settings select OK).